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Design by Binthout

SBB Bee Hotel

SBB Bee Hotel

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  • From Dutch wood
  • Social production
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Give solitary bees a hand with a stylish home for your garden! We supply a wooden nail.

About 350 species of wild bees of all sizes live in the Netherlands. That is why there are three different sizes of holes in this bee hotel. The corridors are used to make nesting chambers. If you look closely you can see the bees flying back and forth with all kinds of material they use to make the walls. That can be sand, resin and even small stones!

How does it work?

  • Hang the hotel on the supplied wooden nail
  • Bees like it when it hangs in the sun so that it is nice and warm
  • Make sure there are enough flowers around from March to October

    FSC® 100%

    This product is made from FSC ® 100% registered wood from the Netherlands and is made from tree to finished product in Binthout's workshop.

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