Impact Report 2020

Below you can find the impact report written out. Click here to download the formatted version in PDF.


Of course we can; not unlike most of you conclude that it was a year like never before. From March, Corona has an impact on all of us. Also on Binthout. Due to a certain fear of what was to come, we noticed, especially in the second and third quarters, that consumer sales fell and interior projects stagnated.

Some of our participants stay at home, we restructure workplaces and adapt to the situation. We don't close and we keep finding a form to work in. Participants work from home or start safely in a new environment around mid-May.

As a small company, we notice that we are flexible, but we only find peace in the “new reality” later in the year. At the end of 2020, we notice that there is some energy in the market again, but then we are faced with an order subject to periodic penalty payments for our sawmill and its final closure.

A few heavy blows for our organization, but we can look back on a year in which we managed to hold our own.

We have shown strength and are happy with the opportunities our customers give us & the meaning we have in people's lives; also in 2020!

Impact on people Binthout wood workshop

2. Our mission

Make the best product

The biggest responsibility we can take as a producer is; that we make products that last for many years. Our products must have a clear functionality, be repairable and, above all, have a long lifespan.

Save wood from the chipper

The use of Dutch wood as a raw material is an effective way to reduce CO2 emissions in our atmosphere and to contribute to climate objectives. No more shredding and burning, but a circular economy based on renewable raw materials. Our products only consist of demonstrably sustainable wood with an FSC® quality mark, local Stadshout or FSC® recycled.

Provide valuable work

We are very happy that, with the work we do, we are committed to helping people from vulnerable groups get back to work. We believe that everyone has the right to valuable work and deserves a chance on the labor market. Together with companies, governments and other social entrepreneurs, we are committed to making the labor market more inclusive. We believe sharing knowledge is important and see it as our task to inspire and activate other companies.

3. 2020 Facts

We are starting the year very well & promisingly with a wonderful order of 7000 cutting boards in January for supermarket chain Marqt .

Marqt 7000 cutting boards

And cut a total of 51,000 face masks from fabric on our laser machines for the production of social sewing workshop Van Hulley in Groningen.

51000 face masks from Hulley

The sawmill saws 780m3 of Dutch wood throughout the year, with which we store 837,694 kg of CO2 and make it applicable for products & projects.

Sawmill Binthout stops

Despite corona; nice report marks, but with a sad ending. At the end of 2020, we will be confronted with an order subject to periodic penalty payments and a conflict in our zoning plan.

Due to this penalty, we are forced to discontinue the sawmill in its current form. The 3.5 FTE of employees at this location all find a suitable job outside Binthout within 1 month.

4. Social Impact

We look back on a year like we have never experienced before. In the first part of 2020 we are; due to the corona outbreak in the Netherlands, even temporarily closed for participants. Between mid-March and early June, the unrest is such that some do not want to come and we feel compelled to move along in the lockdown. We are restructuring workplaces and adjusting the schedule so that a number of participants can safely start again in mid-May.

During the period that we are closed, there is weekly contact and small products are assembled at home (lamps, 3D work, key rings, etc).

At the end of 2020 there are only 2 participants who still work from home. Thanks to good planning and structure, we will not have to send any extra participants home at the end of 2020 with the new lockdown, but the consequences for the outflow and the number of participants still in the process are clearly visible.

5. Highlights

We develop long-term partnerships with companies that want to do business more sustainably and add new products to our range.

All wood products for Storytiles

From wall shelves and holders to framing the tiles; Binthout produces all wooden “by-products” for Storytiles .

Storytiles wood products

Roetz bikes bicycle crates

For Roetzbikes (social enterprise) we make the personalized bicycle crates for the bicycles.

The Game Table

A timeless design table with wooden legs of which we sell many copies in various sizes and shapes. The round models are the most popular.

Pin table wooden table binthout


We are testing a utility model with our lighting line with our first customer. A beautiful model in which circularity and sustainability are central!

6. Ambitions 2021

To make more impact, we doubled the wood stock last year in order to meet market demand in time.

The packages are now pre-planed and packed small by the dryer, so that we can store and work more efficiently. In 2021 we will continue to build on this through a flexible internal storage system from which we produce all our products.

In 2021 we will focus more on products & continue to build the Binthout brand. This means that we will redesign the website and look for collaborations in the field of internet marketing and improved online findability .

We look forward to making beautiful wood products in peace again and letting care & work grow hand in hand!

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