Wooden pendant lamp

Are you looking for a wooden pendant lamp? Binthout makes pendant lamps from pure Dutch wood. Beautiful round, very large but also black examples.

houten hanglamp design hout lampen binthout bollelamp koepellamp zwolle duurzaam dutch design sociaal

From pure Dutch wood

Unique & handcrafted

From tree to end product; the wooden lamps are socially produced in the Netherlands in Binthout's own workshop. It can hardly be more sustainable & social.

Our story

Collection: Hanging lamps

A hanging lamp made of pure wood

The Binthout hanging lamps provide a harmonious light and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A real eye-catcher of Dutch wood! The timeless hanging lamps are suitable for both private and public interiors. They enliven kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and study rooms, as well as restaurants, lobbies, hotel rooms and offices. The timeless and Scandinavian design adapts perfectly to different styles.

Socially produced in the Netherlands

Our wooden hanging lamps are produced in the Netherlands. As a social enterprise, Binthout focuses on social inclusion and the workplace aims to have a sustainable impact; also make a social impact! That is why our impact report is published every year, which you can read here .