Wooden lamp

Suchen Sie eine Holzlampe? Binthout stellt Lampen aus reinem holländischem Holz her. Die Kollektion besteht aus wunderschönen Hängelampen, sehr großen, aber beispielsweise auch schwarzen.

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From pure Dutch wood

Unique & handcrafted

From tree to end product; the wooden lamps are socially produced in the Netherlands in Binthout's own workshop. It can hardly be more sustainable & social.

Our story

Collection: Wooden lamp

Made from pure Dutch wood

Made from pure and solid Dutch wood. Binthout makes beautiful lamps ranging from Ø60 to Ø150 centimeters in diameter from various types of wood. This wood comes from the harvest of our forests where we play, walk and enjoy. Made from Dutch wood from Staatsbosbeheer and also socially produced in Binthout's workshop.

Socially produced by Binthout

As a Social Enterprise , Binthout saves Dutch trees from the chipper and makes beautiful design products from Stadshout from the vicinity of Zwolle and Dutch wood from our Dutch forests.

In the workshop, participants with a distance to the labor market are taken along in the manufacturing process from tree to end product. So the wooden lamp is really made from tree to finished product and the entire process has many suitable activities to become labor fit. From sawing and planing the planks from the tree, to cutting them out with the laser cutting machines and packing the lamp.

Sustainable in your interior

The iconic Binthout lamps are suitable for both private and public interiors. They enliven kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and study rooms, as well as restaurants, lobbies, hotel rooms and offices. The timeless and Scandinavian design adapts perfectly to different styles.

The Binthout hanging lamps provide a harmonious light and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A real eye-catcher! In a spacious interior, a well-considered combination of different Binthout hanging lamps on different levels is a beautiful three-dimensional work of art.

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