Solid wood tables

The table is the place where we experience, relax and find peace. Any table; Round or Oval is completely (including legs) made of Dutch wood & socially produced. Will you finish our story at the table?

verlijmen van hout in opsluitbank werkplaats binthout zwolle

Sustainable & Social

Wooden tables with Impact

Making a table is a super educational process. We put together the table from tree to end product and focus on a beautiful wooden table as end product. Circular and Sustainable: Did you know that co2 is stored in wood? As long as it is not shredded or burned, this will always be present.

Our story

Collection: Pin tables

In the workshop of Binthout we make beautiful timeless round and oval tables from Dutch wood. The tables in this collection are made of Stadshout or Dutch wood and finished with a suitable sustainable oil or 2-component lacquer.

The Round dining table; atmospheric & cosy

Every home and interior is different, which is why we offer a wide range of round tables. Whether you are looking for a small round table or a large round table, you will find it here. The round dining table of 120 cm and the round table of 140 cm are popular, but we do make them up to 200 cm in diameter! A round table is experienced by many people as cozy and breaks through the clean straight lines of the living room. Nice to sit together and still have enough space around it.

Up to 150cm is ideal for smaller spaces. The larger models, on the other hand, are very suitable for large open spaces.

Our pin table is characterized as timeless and has the Scandinavian look and feel, making it suitable for almost any furnishing style.

Oval table with unique design

You can place an oval dining table in your interior in many different ways, because you can also place it at an angle. It is not for nothing that this model is often used as a conference table or in places where more seating is desired.

Because we design our oval tables as an ellipse, the table has a nice ratio between the width and the length; take for example the 220x110cm oval table or the 250x115cm version.

The oval dining table or conference table is also characterized as timeless & Scandinavian. Because the entire table is made of wood, including the legs, the whole gets a beautiful sustainable look.

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