Wooden chandelier

The Taglight is a classic chandelier with a contemporary twist. Make your choice for a black or white wooden copy. In the future we will also supply colored copies!

taglight binthout boven tafel kroonluchter hanglamp hout

Chandelier with beautiful wood grain

A wooden hanging lamp with the allure of a chandelier

A warm chandelier of Dutch wood that can be placed very well above a table. The "louvres" allow the light to fall beautifully into the room.

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houten hanglamp design hout lampen binthout bollelamp koepellamp zwolle duurzaam dutch design sociaal

From pure Dutch wood

Unique & handcrafted

From tree to end product; the wooden lamps are socially produced in the Netherlands in Binthout's own workshop. It can hardly be more sustainable & social.

Our story

Collection: Tag lights

Chandelier of Dutch wood!

The Taglight is a classic chandelier with a contemporary twist. This wooden hanging lamp consists of a base of rings with wooden 'tags', which cleverly fit together. These 'tags' act as slats and play with the light. The light literally shines through the slats. Made of Dutch wood

Sustainable & Social

All wooden Taglights are produced in Binthout's workshop from tree to end product. People with a distance to the labor market are involved during this process. A nice process to work from a coarse plank to a beautiful end product. Sustainable and social at the same time!