Impact Report 2021

Below you can find the impact report for the year 2021 written out. Click here to download the formatted version in PDF.

Pick up Binthout wood

1. Foreword

For years we have seen a beautiful connection between wood and the people in our work.

Whoever can talk to a tree doesn't need to see a psychiatrist, though most people think the opposite. (Phil Bosmans)

In the past two years, the demand for wood has exploded. People have become aware of the fact that wood is a good raw material demanded by today's market. Because we are the chain; from tree to end product, we can respond very well to demand and at the same time keep prices at an affordable level.

We also see that our Dutch unemployment figures are currently historically low. A change that we also recognize from the positive outflow of participants to paid work. Two changes in the market that are simply related to each other; production back in their own country and sometimes almost necessary awareness of the use of a sustainable raw material.

The challenge we have is to convert this demand into tangible products that our target group enjoys and has a good job interpretation. High-quality wooden lighting and large quantities of small wood products for the business market fit in very well with this.

Binthout workshop

2. Our mission

Our mission remains unchanged.

Make the best product

The biggest responsibility we can take as a producer is; that we make products that last for many years. Our products must have a clear functionality, be repairable and, above all, have a long lifespan.

Save wood from the chipper

The use of Dutch wood as a raw material is an effective way to reduce CO 2 emissions in our atmosphere and to contribute to climate objectives. No more shredding and burning, but a circular economy based on renewable raw materials.
Our products only consist of demonstrably sustainable wood with an FSC® quality mark, local Stadshout or FSC® recycled.

Provide valuable work

We are very happy that, with the work we do, we are committed to helping people from vulnerable groups get back to work. We believe that everyone has the right to valuable work and deserves a chance on the labor market.

WRZV hallen Zwolle SWZ housing cooperative Binthout wood

Local Zwolle wood in the interior of Housing Cooperative SWZ and the WRZV sports halls in Zwolle

3. Featured in 2021

New product: Bee hotel FSC 100%

Binthout's bee hotels were given a boost as a new product by a large order from the Province of Overijssel . The result for the customer is directly measurable in 1217kg of stored CO 2 in the bee hotels. Compare this to 10,314 km of exhaust fumes from a mid-range car and you know we are on the right track! When you see how well the hotel functions; also a positive contribution to the living environment of bees and other insects. Now available as standard and supplied with a real wooden nail.

Local impact with Stadshout

Locally we are able to give wood a very direct reuse. Commissioned by the municipality of Zwolle, we supplied the benches and stair sections for the new WRZV sports hall . A wonderful assignment in which the local use of the Zwolse Stadshout has a direct impact. The wood travels almost no kilometers and over the years we have experienced that local repurposing also has an enormous positive contribution for our participants. It can be literally and proudly referred to.

Circular design for SWZ

The complete interior at housing association SWZ was renewed last year. We made a large counter, room dividers, tables and lighting from local ash wood. The ceilings were fitted with our panels made from old bed slats; collected by the Kringloop Zwolle foundation.

Binthout outflow table 2021

Participants & outflow 2021

4. Social impact

Reflecting on another closed year, we see that 2021 has really been a year of stabilisation. It was especially a difficult year because corona was actually much more to "feel" in the workplace. We have seen in many of our participants that decisiveness was needed to; to pick up the rhythm again after a period of absence, to deal with changing regulations and adjusted working hours and to recover after contamination. Fortunately, we did not have to close the workshop, which allowed us to provide a permanent base in a sense. It is admirable how every participant has dragged themselves through the corona period. We hope for 2022 that we can continue this together. 

The fact is, it really hasn't been an easy period and we're still seeing the aftermath here, but we're seeing that participants to stand firm again!

In terms of outflow, we see that compared to 2020, there is again a much better outflow to paid work. A positive development that certainly fits in with the current low unemployment rate. The 6 participants who have flown out to paid work have ended up as an order picker in a large warehouse, shop staff, designer and home help. The number of participants who stopped prematurely is relatively high, but the reasons are very diverse and in some cases also due to stabilisation, as described earlier.

Wooden lightbox Landal production

5. Luke's story

Luuk joined us in July 2020 and left Binthout exactly one year later to work as a designer atKOPexpo in Vaassen. A huge achievement that we are proud of and happy to tell you about. 

Luke speaking:

“When I started at Binthout, I was going through a difficult period. I worked myself into a burnout with my previous employer who was in bankruptcy. I was mostly mentally overloaded but didn't want to stand still. At Binthout I was able to enjoy my work again. Built up a working rhythm again and was able to develop myself further by making beautiful things out of wood.

I was given enough challenge without pressure. This has helped me a lot to make the step to a new job more natural. And this worked! I found a nice challenging job as a designer.

This was certainly not easy, but it feels like a victory that we succeeded.”

Karst Klein Cor Wobma pile of wood ash dieback

6. A new time

Social entrepreneurs Karst Klein and Cor Wobma started Binthout in March 2013 from a heart for wood, people and design. From tree to end product, they create various activities that suit the wishes and needs of people with a certain distance from the regular labor market. In this they work together with various foundations.
The company is growing and flourishing, moving to “ Buitengoed de Herfte ” in 2017 and becoming the winner of the Social Impact Award in the same year.

Due to the closure of the sawmill at the end of 2020, there is a search for a suitable place to rebuild the sawing activities. During this search, Karst comes across a care farm for sale in Dalfsen and a long-cherished dream will become reality in May 2021. Karst takes over the organic and also care-oriented farm called “ Landjuweel de Hoeven ”.

Binthout's shift to small products with a big impact suits Cor as a designer very well and from January 1, 2022, Cor will take over the helm of Binthout completely.

We look back on nearly nine wonderful years of collaboration and look forward to what the Bringing the coming years goes for both companies!

Binthout bee hotel essenhout Province of Overijssel Ballast Nedam

Bee hotels for the Province of Overijssel and nameplates for Brickton

7. Ambitions for 2022

Residual waste solutions

Thanks to the solar panels on the roof of our building and the use of exclusively electrical machines and appliances, we are well on our way to producing completely CO 2 neutral. 
What we do see is that working with wood & production always results in a certain waste stream of, among other things, residual wood and sawdust. In 2022 we really want to find a solution for processing our sawdust. There are some pilots running with local parties Ragnarøk Clothing & Zwolsche Zwammen to use the sawdust for products.

More products with a clear focus

We want to focus more and more on product development and implementation for our customers. By making clear choices, we can also communicate clearly about our actual impact. In 2022 we are going for a clear focus.

Leaving a difficult time behind us

We look forward to a period of rest for our participants. It is admirable how they have struggled through the past two years. 
We hope that we can continue together in 2022 and contribute to many new participants.

Green Cathedral Zwolle clogs

8. Review

The green cathedral of Zwolle

In 2018, a very prominent large row of trees with old poplars fell in Zwolle.

Due to the extreme drought in the summer period, the chance of loose branches was very high. The municipality was forced to cut down the entire row and asked us to purchase the wood. We came up with a great project to bring these trees back to the inhabitants of Zwolle. 

More than 200 pairs of Zwolle clogs were made from the old poplars.
An incredibly beautiful craft & gesture that gave us a lot of energy. 
Last year we were approached by one of the customers; if we had some extra wooden shoes, because they were so incredibly comfortable!
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