Impact Report 2022

Below you can find the impact report for the year 2022 written out. Click here to download the formatted version in PDF.

Social wood workshop Binthout explain

1. Foreword

A small sampling of some local headlines from recent years:

“Companies that ignore rules at Buitengoed de Herfte in Zwolle want the municipality to adjust rules” / “Public interest in Buitengoed Herfte in Zwolle is more important than that of a few complaining local residents” / “Do 4000 signatures save Buitengoed de Herfte in Zwolle? ' More enthusiasm expected from alderman' / “Zwolle must intervene in companies at Buitengoed de Herfte (and that has taken far too long)” / “Binthout takes a bitter pill after sawing ban by the municipality of Zwolle: 'But we will continue to exist no matter what' / “Neighbours breathe a sigh of relief with the departure of Zwolle sawmill, municipality admits that it was wrong” / “Houtzagerij receives 2000 trees from Zwolle municipality, but it now says: 'Stop. You saw too much'” / “It has been rumbling around for years about Buitengoed de Herfte in Zwolle (and that bothers the municipality)” / “Angry neighbors complain about 'too busy' Buitengoed de Herfte in Zwolle” 'It annoys me green and yellow on'

We closed our sawmill at the end of 2020, but at the time of writing this report (early 2023), the disagreement between the neighbors of Buitengoed de Herfte and the Municipality of Zwolle is unfortunately still current. In the meantime, attention has shifted from our sawmill to deliberately opposing the entire site with social entrepreneurs and the municipality is in legal conflict with a few local residents. We look forward to an appropriate judicial outcome in this matter so that we can put it to rest.

Fortunately, this process has no effect on the beautiful products we make! The year 2022 is characterized by the shift to more product-based working, which creates space in capacity and allows us to take participants very purposefully in task-oriented, framed and instructive assignments. In the whole process; from making 3D drawings to making working drawings or graphic work for the laser machines. Every part is important and aims to create involvement.

Laser cutting wood solid Binthout workshop

2. Our Mission

Our mission remains unchanged.

Make the best product

The biggest responsibility we can take as a producer is; that we make products that last for many years. Our products must have a clear functionality, be repairable and, above all, have a long lifespan.

Save wood from the chipper

The use of Dutch wood as a raw material is an effective way to reduce CO 2 emissions in our atmosphere and to contribute to climate objectives. No more shredding and burning, but a circular economy based on renewable raw materials.
Our products only consist of demonstrably sustainable wood with an FSC® quality mark, local Stadshout or FSC® recycled.

Provide valuable work

We are very happy that, with the work we do, we are committed to helping people from vulnerable groups get back to work. We believe that everyone has the right to valuable work and deserves a chance on the labor market.

ByBorre Object Embassy Stranchair Nynke Tynagel

3. Featured in 2022

Design beach chairs for Object Embassy.

A nice project to highlight is the production of 600 beach chairs made of Dutch oak and fully assembled in our workshop. Object Embassy is a label that was looking for a sustainable producer for the wooden chairs. The 3D knitted cloth is designed by Nynke Tynagel and produced by BYBORRE . We were also allowed to take care of the laser engraving. All in all, a fun and educational project for our employees and a special end result. The co2 stored in this project is equivalent to the electricity consumption of about 9 households in one year .

From QR code menu blocks to card holders

We are making more and more small wood products in large quantities. For Landal Greenparks we made about 5000 menu blocks for ordering dishes. The amount of co2 captured in these menu blocks is equivalent to the emissions of 23,314 km of exhaust fumes from a mid-range car . For different organizations; including Compassion & Ticket2go, we make custom card holders. The larger numbers, read thousands, ensure nice shared goals in production and challenge us to add value.

Social Impact woodwork site Binthout Compassion card holders

4. Social Impact

We see that the outflow to paid work in particular is less high this year than in previous years. There is not a very clear explanation for this, but what we do see is that the focus as a whole is shifting more towards care. Guidance is becoming more intensive and “problems” more complex. The work-related daytime activities that we offer for residents of the municipality of Zwolle can also be described as more care-oriented.

Making beautiful products from wood together

We are really there to reduce the step to the labor market. Gain work rhythm, develop social skills & set common goals. What helps with this is the focus on product-based work, which allows us to offer valuable work to our participants. We try to focus as little as possible on the complexity or intensity of the care demand. Making beautiful products from wood together!

Workshop Binthout oil

5. Klaasje's story

After having been at home for 10 years and having tried several routes to work via UWV, Klaasje is now working at Binthout.

Klaas speaking:

My work at Binthout started with assembling wooden lamps. Clear, predictable and, above all, peace of mind at work . From the break I got more and more opportunities to work at the laser. Because of the “own development space” set up on Friday afternoon, I wanted to further develop this myself and started working at home with the program Inktscape to make graphic work for the laser.

Because of this experience and development that I learned myself at home, I wanted to do more graphic work. Step by step I learned to work with Abobe Illustrator at Binthout.

I am currently working on submitted assignments in Illustrator for the laser cutting machines. I work with many people and regularly visit the workshop for a chat, a chat or just for fun.

In 3 words, Binthout is for me : caring, cozy & structure. I take this structure and the self-esteem and appreciation that I gain into my daily life. A nice place to fall back on!

Vacumobil Hocker Polytechnik Linde E30

6. New

New briquetting press and extraction system

In 2022 we made a new investment in an extraction system with a briquette press. This press creates a continuous stream of wood briquettes from our "residual waste" which can be sold again. Very nice, because no more sawdust bags need to be replaced and the pressure is so high that the sawdust is compressed into literally small wood blocks. For the time being, the sawdust has not yet been used in other applications, but our wish is that we will eventually be able to use this residual product in a different way. Perhaps incorporated into a product.

Brand builder Jouktje started

This year Jouktje started with us as an office manager & brand builder. We look forward to a nice collaboration. Much of the first contact goes through Jouktje, so you will undoubtedly speak to her when you contact us.

Design lamp made of wood assembly

7. Two brands in 2023

In 2023 we will focus on splitting Binthout into 2 brands.

B2binthout for the business customer

With B2binthout we serve the business customer with small wood products in large quantities. For B2binthout we look for customers with whom we enter into a long-term relationship and we want to emphasize social & sustainable in partnership. The aim is to create a stable purchase of beautiful wood products.

Binthout as a brand with wooden lamps

With Binthout we focus more on the brand and the focus is on solid wood lighting . We are at trade shows for brand awareness and will also sell directly to consumers through our webshop. There is also room for development in connecting multiple designers, growth in foreign markets and further online development.

Flight Attendant Ownership

In 2023 we want to look at the possibilities of making the company Steward owned . A construct in which the impact remains leading and capital and control are guaranteed.

Most beautiful tree in Zwolle Red beech felled

8. Review

The most beautiful tree in Zwolle

We go back to 2015. The most beautiful tree in Zwolle, a 150-year-old red beech, is irreparably ill and can no longer be saved. We are asked to provide a solution for the lack of the tree.

At first we think we can use the trunk, but it turns out to be completely “eaten” by fungus. The trunk is hollow from top to bottom.

On to the 150 years!

In the end, we make a whole group of Zwolle residents happy with a beautiful series of cutting boards made from the branches of the beech. A beautiful lasting memory of a beautiful iconic tree. A large number of people still use the cutting board after 7.5 years.

Whether they will reach 150 years depends on the intensity of use ;-)

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