Circular ceiling of bed bases

If you all work together, the chance of good solutions is much greater

'On a good day, Wilma Voortman showed us around Stichting Kringloop Zwolle ', says director Karst Klein van Binthout, the company with a passion for wood, people and design. 'She talked about products that end up in the trash, while there might still be nice things to do with them, such as slatted bases. I said: give me a bunch, maybe we can come up with something for it. I like figuring out what you can do with something like that. Not much later we received a request for ceiling panels, and I thought: eureka! Now we have a good destination for slats that would otherwise end up in the wood waste.'

Practice area for students

Wilma still had to find a way to dismantle those slatted bases, but a solution was quickly found within WaardeRing. Pupils from the practical training at the Thorbecke School Community remove the slats from the bed bases. ' I like the work, that demolition, ' Femke Jager exclaims enthusiastically. Her internship supervisor Frank Aalbers is happy with this training place. Students really learn what it 's like to work here. In addition, the subject of reuse can be discussed at school and in class. '

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WaardeRing is a great place to set out issues. If you work with such great parties, the chance is much greater that you will reach solutions. I would really like it if we could reuse more and more materials. And if we can offer people who need it a helping hand on their way to paid work, that is only wonderful.

From bed slats to ceiling

And I can. Windesheim University of Applied Sciences wanted beautiful circular ceiling panels. Klein proudly shows the plates. It fits well with our concept. A high-quality product made from residual flows of wood.'

The project at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences was created in collaboration with architect Maartje van den Berg of Blossom Architecture . Maartje has circular and sustainable architecture high on the agenda.

Circular architecture
circular jeans slatted ceiling

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