Design Duret trip with Zwols Essen

When Durettrip moved to Willemskade in Zwolle, Binthout was asked to help with the design. The delivery consisted of a series of tables and a robust counter; made of Zwols ash wood from the ash dieback.

Recycled PET bottles and chopped ash

The interior also reflects the social involvement of the notary's office. Binthout in Zwolle made a counter from Zwolle ash trees that had to be cut down because of the ash disease. De Vorm in Arnhem supplies chairs for the waiting area that are made from recycled PET bottles and old carpets and fishing nets are used for the carpet. An energy-efficient climate system uses electricity to use outside air for heating and cooling.

Duret trip Zwols Essen

companies from the region

'Because many of our customers come from the Zwolle region, we have used companies from this region as much as possible,' says De Kroon. 'That applies to the suppliers of the furniture, to the architect, the installer and the company that coordinates the move.'

About Durettrip

DuretTrip Notarissen was created in 2014 through the merger of the two Zwolle notary offices Duret De Kroon and Trip & De Boer. The office has seventeen employees, including three notaries: Jelger de Kroon, André Scheper and Hilde de Boer. DuretTrip Notarissen is part of Netwerknotarissen, a national organization of 150 notary offices.

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