Zwolle ash clad the wall of Salverda Bouw

In recent months we have been working hard on a project for Salverda Bouw. And we mean really hard, because the result was 7 kilometers of slats.

7 kilometers sick essen

These slats now adorn the new office of Salverda Bouw in 't Harde. When planning their office expansion, it was decided that the new office should be as sustainable and circular as possible. Salverda came to Binthout with this ambition. The architect of the project, 19 Het Atelier, designed an atrium with wooden wall cladding that connects the existing and the new office. This wall covering consists entirely of ash wood. We harvested this wood in Zwolle and sawed it into hundreds of narrow slats in our workshop. When you walk into the atrium, you see a beautiful inner wall that was extracted and produced within a radius of 50 kilometers. The trees, which had to be felled because of a disease, have found a new destination very close to home.

In addition, another 20,000 kg of CO 2 is stored in this wood. This wall alone compensates for the electricity consumption of 22 households in an entire year. It is only a drop in the whole, but with every beautiful product we make, we can still preserve a piece of nature.

A teaspoon every day

By the way, did you know that at Schagen Groep, Salverda's parent company, they work with the SDGs just like we do? "A teaspoon every day" is their motto. This makes them an inspiration for other companies that also want to do business sustainably. Starting small and just doing it is often the best approach. We use the SDGs as a framework for this. Do you want to know more about this or are you curious about our work? Please feel free to contact us or visit the workshop.

photo credits: Ruud Ploeg.

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