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Our approach works! This was already apparent in 2017 from the research we conducted with VIAA University of Applied Sciences and the University of Humanistic Studies. The fact that this research was recently published in Disability & Society , an academic journal in the field of disability studies, is further confirmation.

It's all about the balance

We want to give everyone who works for us a meaningful daytime activity that matches their competences and skills and that is aimed at further development and progression to regular work where possible. This means that we are constantly looking for a balance between work logic and care logic. Do you only give someone tasks that they like or does everyone just have to do a 'bad job' every now and then? Is an employee required to be present or is he free to do so? Do you impose performance requirements on your employees or do you remove all work pressure?

Personalized approach

That balance differs per person, so we offer tailor-made solutions for all our employees. We are work-oriented, because we want to create a regular work setting as much as possible. But we always look at the person behind the employee and we connect the work and the guidance to that. It doesn't matter to us what label someone has, we look at someone's behavior and manage accordingly.

We try to standardize the work as much as possible to provide peace and structure. But at the same time there is room for creativity and craftsmanship for employees who want this challenge. There is a healthy pressure to perform among our employees, but if someone cannot handle this pressure, we set different conditions and expectations. If only people knew where they stand. Work is central, but in a safe setting.

Valuable work

For example, we are always working to get the best out of a working day for everyone and to prepare them for a regular job. And then it makes no sense to give people some silly tasks, just to keep them busy. We make the most beautiful design products from Dutch wood and everyone participates. Our employees do valuable work and thus make a real contribution to society!

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