Circularity in practice with Zwols Essen

Watch the video of the project that we carried out together with Salverda Bouw , the Municipality of Zwolle and deltaWonen. This is what circularity looks like in practice!

From linear to circular

We are in the middle of the transition to a circular economy. Or rather: at the beginning. The realization is beginning to land that our current linear economy is not sustainable. Fortunately, more and more people are coming up with new solutions. But how do we really shape the circular economy? And how do you apply that in your organization?

Every organization approaches this differently, but here are a few of the lessons we have learned:

There are many more resources than you think.

Everything can serve as raw material. For example, we used ash wood that had to be felled due to ash dieback to make new facade cladding for Salverda. And we made bee hotels from the old desktops of Salverda. Why waste? Get creative with what's available!

Local = better

By far the most wood that grows in the Netherlands is very suitable for making products. Even if wood is devalued due to illness or old age, we believe that beautiful products can be made from it.

Valuable products retain their value.

In a time of single-use and fast consumption, products lose their value in no time. But what if certain raw materials become really scarce? By making products of the best quality and with a modular construction, products can be used endlessly. In this way, the raw materials used retain their value and can even increase in value when they are scarce.

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