I also want to be a social entrepreneur

So you want social entrepreneurship? Nice! But what is that then? For us, it means creating positive social and environmental impact in everything we do. We distinguish between social impact and ecological impact.

Social impact

We make room in our production process for everyone to gain knowledge, experience and self-confidence on a personal level. In our process we offer training and development opportunities for people who are at a distance from the regular labor market. This can be done through work experience places, internships, work-learning trajectories, daytime activities and participation jobs. In addition, we have workplaces from the WSW, target group register and regular, where we give the widest possible group of people the opportunity to get started (again). We believe in a multitude of different people who reinforce each other in their personal development.

Ecological impact

By working with FSC certified wood, locally harvested city wood or recycled wood, we want to keep wood as a raw material in the Netherlands. Every day we take on the challenge of making and designing the most diverse products from sustainable and local wood. Every day there is more awareness of the Netherlands' finest raw material, with the aim of storing as much CO2 as possible in our wood products and thus reducing CO2 emissions.

We have looked at which areas we can make the most impact with our product. If you also want to start with social entrepreneurship, think for yourself which social problem you want to solve with your service or product.

Start a social enterprise

Congratulations, you want to start! By now several people have looked at you strangely. When you told the story where you want to offer a product or service to a 'difficult' group of people. Or where you set yourself a high and 'difficult' goal. Reactions like: “Wow, how cool that you do that!” or "dareful" usually mean: 'didn't see me' or 'Why are you being so difficult?'.

Then take this from us: that higher goal of your company is what makes your work or company worth everything to get started!

Keep in mind that the people closest to you will not give an honest opinion about what you want to start. Get good feedback on your plans by asking people who you know are critical or always wear the black hat. Then you can determine where you still need to fine-tune.


Make sure you gather parties around you that you can work with. Create a network around your company with people you've always wanted to talk to. Bet a little high on that too. An alderman, the director of a large company. Just try. Many people are willing to share knowledge.

But remember! Social entrepreneurship is just normal entrepreneurship. Is your business case wrong? Then you have to go back to the drawing board. Also remember that the goal is leading. Your business is a means to that end. Come on!

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