Purchasing with impact

Purchasing: this is a great opportunity for every company and every consumer to make an impact.

We realize that all too well. And also that this applies on both sides: what we buy ourselves and what our customers buy from us. There is much to be gained in both areas. Especially if we work together on this.

Purchasing with impact at the Custodial Institutions Agency

The Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI) is also working hard on this. As they say themselves, they believe in the power of procurement to make an impact and reduce the environmental impact of the organization. They want to make impactful purchases and “go off the beaten track” to find better solutions. They have been working on a more social procurement policy since 2017 and last year sustainability became a second important pillar. We are proud to be able to help them as a supplier on both fronts.

In-Made & Binthout - purchasing with impact

Photo from DJI (by Marieke Duijsters)

Sustainable Christmas gift with In-Made

Together with In-Made, the production unit of the Custodial Institutions Agency, we made sustainable Christmas gifts. We designed a designer coat rack and delivered a load of Zwolle ash wood that had to be cleared due to ash branch disease. Detainees of PI Vught then turned it into a wonderful product. And for this year too, 36 km of Zwols essen are ready for In-Made.

DJI summarizes it nicely: This is how the knife cuts both ways. Dutch trees get a sustainable future and people with a story get a chance.

We are happy to share this issue of IMPACT in which Karst was once again allowed to talk about his passion for Dutch wood and for people (page 23).

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