Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Does your organization also have to deal with it? Perhaps you received an SROI obligation from the government when winning a tender. Or maybe you have imposed certain SROI requirements on yourself because you think it is important to do business responsibly. Whatever the reason, you are expected to fulfill certain obligations.

Procurement Act

Since 2013, SROI conditions apply to all tenders above 250,000 euros. In addition, a quota system applies to employers with 25 or more employees, which obliges them to create sufficient jobs for people with an occupational disability. Even with new forms of tendering, the social added value that an organization creates is almost always included in the conditions. The aim is to create additional workplaces for people with a so-called distance to the labor market and to help as many people as possible find paid work.

SROI implementation

The conditions can be determined by the purchaser and supplier. As an organization you can meet the SROI obligation in various ways, for example in money, in placements or in purchasing.

In whatever form you implement SROI within your organization and for whatever reason, it will provide you with many benefits. In this way you not only fulfill the SROI assignment that has been imposed on you, but also your own CSR policy. As far as we are concerned, that is even more important, because as a company you are in a great position to make a social impact.

Binthout & social return

At Binthout we are very happy that we are committed to helping people from vulnerable groups get back to work with the work we do. We believe that everyone has the right to valuable work and deserves a chance on the labor market. And vice versa, these people offer us a lot of opportunities and possibilities and, above all, fun in our work.

Are you still looking for a concrete way to give substance to social return ? This can easily be done by entering into a partnership with Binthout. Do you want to know more about that? Contact us.

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