Landal Green Parks

Who is Landal?

Landal GreenParks has about 61 bungalow parks in the Netherlands. They attach great importance to the concepts of peace, space and nature and are known for the green and open character of the parks.

Catering and signage

We are allowed to make all kinds of different products from wood for Landal . From light boxes and different types of cutting boards to cutlery holders and signage. The variation involved makes it fun for our participants to work on. In addition to production, there is also a large part of assembly and finishing. From a coarse piece of wood to a finished product is very satisfying.

What do we offer each other

Due to the wide variety of products, all our participants can participate in the products we make for Landal. For Landal, working with Binthout is an opportunity to use sustainable products for the presentation of the Landal brand.

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