Who is Roetz?

Roetz is a Dutch company that makes design bicycles from discarded bicycles. Often many parts of a discarded bicycle, such as the frame, can still be used. The parts that are still in order are cleaned and processed, giving them a second chance. Roetz employs people who have difficulty finding a place in the labor market. Roetz shares our belief that everyone has useful talents and value. People are encouraged to follow a recognized training as a bicycle technician and in this way they improve their chances of finding a permanent job.

Wooden bicycle crates

We make wooden bicycle crates from Dutch wood for Roetz . The design has been made in such a way that everyone at Binthout can participate. There are easy and difficult actions throughout the entire production process, for example, the wood must be flattened and planed, we laser-cut the logo on the crate, but it must also be sanded neatly before it can be sent to Roetz. The result is a robust crate that can withstand the tough life on the front of a bicycle.

Help each other further

By making these crates for Roetz , we strengthen each other. We have the opportunity to help more participants return to the labor market. Roetz can offer a sustainable and tailor-made product to their customers.

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