Who is Storytiles?

StoryTiles are traditionally baked tiles from the Netherlands. Each tile tells a small story and consists of old Dutch designs interwoven with contemporary designs. Designer Marga van Oers regularly collaborates with well-known designers and museums to come up with the beautiful tiles. Since 2007, a new collection has been released from the studio on the Amsterdam IJ every spring and autumn. The tiles are sold as a gift or wall decoration, but can also be tiled together with blank tiles on, for example, fireplaces and kitchen and bathroom walls.

Wooden tile holder, wall shelf and frames

Hang, frame, display. We make the wooden accessories for Storytiles that you can use to present the tile, such as frames and holders. The accessories are made from Dutch oak. They are relatively simple products where a large part of the production gives our participants the opportunity to get to know the machines. Learning to work with woodworking machines gives people a lot of self-confidence and job satisfaction.

Together for impact

As a partner , StoryTiles regularly purchases products from us, so that we can continue to make an impact together.

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