Laser cutting

Laser cutting of wood

At Binthout we specialize in laser cutting and laser engraving of wood. The added value of lasering is in the personalization and precision. In our laser department we make custom-made products with an accurate laser cut. Thanks to the contactless process, we can process even the thinnest veneers.

We give people with a distance to the labor market the opportunity to work with these high-quality machines. You can submit production requests to us.

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Shapes, texts, logos; a custom product.

Laser cutting logo

The laser cutting technique is ideal for customizing wooden products. We cut out the desired shape and/or burn your logo into the wood and have sufficient laser capacity to engrave large numbers.

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Unique activities, from design to implementation

The laser cutting technique enables us to manufacture high-quality design, which is made with a diverse target group of people with a distance to the labor market. They learn to work with graphic programs, control the machines, the organization around laser-cut products and customer contact.