The Round Table

Round table size number of people

How big should my round table be?

A round table gives a special and cozy atmosphere to your space, but how many people actually fit around the table? We have created a size chart for this to give you a direction.

Round table size chart

  • ø120cm round table 4 persons
  • ø130cm round table 4-5 persons
  • ø140cm round table 5-6 persons
  • ø150cm round table 6-7 persons
  • ø160cm round table 7-8 persons
  • ø170cm round table 8-9 persons
  • ø180cm round table 10 persons

NB! A round table "grows" quickly in relation to its diameter. As a calculation example; from 120cm to 140cm gives about 35% more leaf surface!