Stack-lamps from Pine

A beautiful warm lamp series with its origin in the iconic lighting of designer Hans-Agne Jakobssen. Redesigned to produce from solid Dutch pinewood. Also available in black.

Iconic design from the 1960s

Warm and natural lighting

Originally designed by Hans-Agne Jakobsson but redesigned and adapted to current production techniques and assembled completely without glue. Wonderful how the light shines through the bars of the lamp!

houten hanglamp design hout lampen binthout bollelamp koepellamp zwolle duurzaam dutch design sociaal

From pure Dutch wood

Unique & handcrafted

From tree to end product; the wooden lamps are socially produced in the Netherlands in Binthout's own workshop. It can hardly be more sustainable & social.

Our story

Collection: Stacking lamps

Warm in nature

The stacking lamp is one of the warmest lamps in our collection. All shelves are illuminated from the inside while you do not look directly at the light source. A beautiful result, with a very natural look.

Iconic design from Finland

When designing a lamp made of coniferous wood, we soon came across designer Hans-Agne Jakobsson. The iconic glued and nailed designs from the 1960s form the basis of this stacking lamp. We have redesigned the lamp to modern production techniques and without the use of glue. The entire lamp is "clicked" together.