Dome lamp made from wood

The wooden dome lamps are strong, open and at the same time present in the space. The open and straight bottom makes it very suitable for placing above a table. Made of black or white ash wood with FSC 100%.

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Strong durable hanging lamps made of wood

The dome lamp is a durable lamp that can be seen! Bring atmosphere to your interior or project with a wooden dome lamp. Due to the geodesic shape, the dome is very strong and powerful and at the same time beautifully open.

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From pure Dutch wood

Unique & handcrafted

From tree to end product; the wooden lamps are socially produced in the Netherlands in Binthout's own workshop. It can hardly be more sustainable & social.

Our story

Collection: Dome lights

Strong wooden dome

The strong wooden dome lamps are the basis of Binthout and the collection of wooden lighting. Special for this lamp is; in the early days, sawn ash wood to be able to remove thin slats.

Unique wood & Social impact

Each piece of wood used to build this lamp is unique. By processing the tree into the end product in our own workshop, we can guarantee quality and durability. As a social enterprise, Binthout, in addition to using Dutch wood, also has a mission to create employment for people with a distance to the labor market.

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